Designing for Neurodiversity

The article "Does the color of your office walls promotes neurodiversity?" states that different colors can be overwhelming or distract people from focusing. Different business is learning that there are advantages to hiring people with different cognitive disabilities. People with disorders such as ADHD and OCD are very detail orientated and pay very close attention to precision and details. As businesses start to hire people with different cognitive disabilities, they are learning that they may need to adapt to the color choice and design of their workspace. For example, bright and bold colors can be distracting and oppressive for workers who tend to get overwhelmed easily. It is proven that bright yellow is the worst color to have in a workspace because it is the most sensory-loaded color. People with Autism are greatly affected by the color yellow because they tend to be very sensitive to sensory stimulants. Businesses should try to use soft and welcoming colors such as …

Photopea Lesson #3

Using the text tool and blending options, I added titles to these images from my travels over the summer.

Photopea Lesson #2

I used these pictures of Peter Pan and Tinkerbell and photoshopped them into the night sky above Big Ben.  
This was my final image. I used the magic wand tool to cut the white background out of the Peter Pan and Tinkerbell images. Then I copy and pasted them into the sky and adjusted their size.

Photopea FIlters

This was the original image used in Photopea. We tested different filters and learned the basics of the filter tool of Photopea. This is the flower image after several filters were applied.

Bad Websites

Although a website is coded and completed, that does not mean it is necessarily a good or effective website. In class, we read an article highlighting 21 bad website examples. Most of them were either too messy, disorganized, small font, bright and distracting colors, or just overall lacked any style or design.
     One website that I found particularly distracting was This website lacked any sense of organization.  If given the opportunity to redesign this website I would change many things. First off, I would make the dimensions fit the screen of the computer. The website was so wide that you had to keep scrolling horizontally to see the information. I would make it so the width was fit to the screen but you would have to scroll vertically to keep reading. I would also create a system of organization. The website sells many different products from gadgets to vehicles. I would create different pages for each category. For example, all the snowmobiles and four-wheele…

Coding for Speech Therapy

Coding is used in many different fields and everyday careers. I chose to read an article about coding for speech therapy. I have recently been thinking about future career options and speech pathology seems like a great fit, so I wanted to learn how the skills learned in this class could be applied to the job. The article described a game that a speech pathologist made. It is called SpeechBytes and it is an online game for clients to play at home. If a patient is struggling with certain words or sounds, they can play SpeechBytes at home and it will serve as great practice. In the game students will be challenged with different words that they must read aloud, their answers are recorded and their therapist has access to listen to their results. This game is the first way therapists can hear and record their client's at-home practice. 
     The creator of SpeechBytes graduated Depaul with a degree in Computer Science. The entrepreneur had advanced skills in coding and computer …

Government Access to Encrypted Messages

As a technology-based generation, we are facing more and more issues regarding our legal rights online. Recently, the struggle has been with our privacy to private messages on social media. Government officials are pressing Facebook and other social media companies in hopes of gaining access to all the encrypted messages that are currently off-limits and secure to the users. They are hoping that the companies can create a "backdoor" or a secret way for only government officials to gain access. The issue is that as soon as a secret entrance to encrypted messages is available, the secret will spread beyond the government and get into the wrong hands.
      As a social media user, I am not fond of this idea. Although I have nothing to hide in my private messages, I feel more comfortable knowing the information is secure. I think that it is inappropriate for the government to get access all the time without a specific reason. I understand why they want to access private mes…